Ken Davenport is President of Davenport Theatrical, a Tony Award-winning producing office specializing in commercial Broadway and Off-Broadway. As Executive Producer, Ken’s unique production and marketing style has garnered him international attention, including two front-page articles in the NY Times and features on MSNBC, Rock Center, Fox News, BBC, and his favorite, a mention in Jay Leno’s monologue on “The Tonight Show.”

A commercial Executive Producer is the lead producer, and responsibilities vary from branding the show, to selling merchandise, to giving notes to a director, to explaining to a hairdresser that the star of the show doesn’t want her in her dressing room because her feet smell (true story).  

But at the end of the day, we believe that a commercial producer’s job boils down to getting as many people to see his or her show as possible.

With that mission in mind, our Executive Producer services include:

  • In-depth research of potential writers and directors with write-ups and summaries for consideration
  • Researching, presenting, and recommending potential venues and partners to continue the theatrical development of the show
  • Advising on branding and marketing
  • Providing artistic notes on the script and story development
  • Researching and developing press opportunities for the production
  • Translating ideas into commercial theatre language

In addition to serving as the Executive Producer of his own productions, Ken currently serves as Executive Producer for North America of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group.